An Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy (aka Bluetooth LE or BLE)

BeaconBluetooth Low Energy (aka Bluetooth LEBLE) is a wireless personal area network technology designed for novel applications in healthcare, fitness, retail and others. Compared to classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart is intended to provide considerably reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining a similar communication range. Beacons are a set of hardware devices that implement the BLE technology.



  • Native support on iOS and Android devices
  • Operates for months or years (depending on make/model) on a button cell
  • Compatibility with a very large install base of iOS and Android devices
  • Variable range to suit different application requirements and use-case scenarios
  • No pairing necessary

Although there are hundreds of applications and thousands of use cases for BLE, BEEP uses Beacons based on this technology to bring much needed data-driven decision making to events and conferences. Here are just some of the things BLE Beacons enable:

  • Automate attendee check-in
  • Measure session attendance
  • Deliver in-app surveys to session attendees
  • Enable in-booth visitor engagement
  • Track attendee entry and exit interactions
  • Measure dwell time

….and much more

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