Challenges Facing Exhibitors At Events & Conferences

exhibitor-engagementExhibitors have a lot on their plate preparing for an event or conference. Not only does it take months of planning, but it also takes countless hours, in some cases, setting up and tearing down booths. There are many benefits for companies who exhibit at events, tradeshows and conferences, which is why many invest in them despite the cost, time and resources they demands.

How to Quantify Booth Traffic

Being able to quantify booth traffic is an important data point towards measuring your booth ROI. While there are many ways to measure this e.g. by scanning badges or QR codes, asking for business cards or using tablets for real-time information capture, etc, most remain inefficient, resource-intensive, expensive or result in inaccurate data.

Understanding True Visitor Intent

At some events hundreds or perhaps thousands of guests wander into your booth by accident, with no real interest in your product or service. They’re just there for the food or tchotchkes. Knowing and understanding your visitor’s true intent is difficult to capture and equally hard to measure. Being able to capture attendee intelligence inside your booth will help you identify and separate your future customers from tire-kickers.

Enriching Booth Visitor Intelligence

Scanning badges and QR codes – however uncomfortable, unpleasant and resource-intensive – is one way to measure booth traffic. You run around with a rented scanner or an app trying to scan every person who crosses into the boundary of your booth. Let’s face it. It’s impossible to scan everyone that visits your booth, which results in missed opportunities. Plus, scanning and other technologies like NFC or RFID only allow you to track their visit – as a Yes/No response. It fails to track how much time they spent in your booth, if are a repeat visitor, sessions they just attended, etc.

Dealing With Data Entry

Business cards are yet another form of information capture. But, business cards are cheap. People drop them in a fish bowl to enter a sweepstakes or a contest. They’ll give you one as a courtesy or to make the interaction a little less uncomfortable. Plus, once you bring back that fish bowl, it takes days to get those leads into your CRM system – assuming you or someone else entered it all correctly in the first place. This again leads to missed opportunities.

Delivering Visitor Engagement

Let’s assume your booth design and promotion does result in generating a lot of booth traffic. But, booth traffic doesn’t necessarily translate into leads. While handing someone a printed brochure or a case study may be good start, unfortunately the trail ends there. You may have invested thousands of dollars and countless hours getting your content ready – only to have no way of tracking it once the person leaves your booth. Whether it’s games, content or offers, visitors expect you to personalize the interaction and drive engagement based on their profile, sessions attended, personal interests, etc.

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