Amplify Event ROI With Real-time Attendee Intelligence

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Event Personas: Who Do You Most Identify With?

  • A frustrated Sponsor/Exhibitor struggling to gather lead intelligence and identify real opportunities
    • You are frustrated with hidden costs associated with exhibiting at events and conferences
    • You lack real opportunities to deliver attendee engagement
  • A Sales Manager tired of not being able to measure booth traffic or assess a visitor’s genuine interest
    • You rent expensive scanners and scan badges or QR codes providing for an uncomfortable experience
    • You gather business cards – which is great – until you realize that data entry isn’t that sexy
  • A Member of the CMO Staff constantly asked to justify event investment
    • You’re tired of investing in events based on qualitative metrics alone
    • Your CEO, CFO and COO are demanding quantitative metrics and a better ROI on event investment
  • An Event Planner tasked with providing ROI metrics struggling to capture any meaningful info
    • You are expected to quantify event metrics and attendee intelligence
    • You find it increasingly difficult to attract top-tier sponsors and exhibitors
    • You want to use technology as a differentiator and to stand out from your competition

Today’s Technology – Badges, Smart Badges, QR Codes


  • Adds significant costs because it’s resource intensive
  • Increases logistics – print, assemble, distribute badges
  • Environmental waste – badges don’t get recycled
  • Smart badges pose a security risk and create more e-waste
  • QR codes are an inefficient form of lead capture

20-25% of marketing budget (~$35 billion) invested in Event Technology

  • … relies on anecdotal data that’s subjective and inaccurate
  • … entrenched in manual processes (scanning, swiping, data entry)
  • … offers no meaningful ROI

Bluetooth Beacons offer a better, more scalable solution. A solution that uses technology to address needs either formerly unmet or met by a human.

automated-checkin Automated Check-ins configure-beacons Rich Attendee Intelligence post-event marketing Better Visitor Engagement
targeted-offers Personalized Content attendee-insights Real-time Insights lead nurture to increase sales Greater Event ROI


In Summary…

  • Event technology can be a gimmick or can be used to deliver real value to Organizers, Exhibitors, Sponsors and Attendees
  • Planners and Exhibitors need to consider all aspects of their lead generation program and consider the pitfalls of RFID technology
  • For those who value security, convenience, cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness, Beacons offer a perfect solution
  • Organizers and Exhibitors should consider an event and conference technology that offers the most benefits


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