• What are Beacons?

    Beacons are a low-cost piece of hardware – small enough to attach to a wall or under a table top – that use a battery-friendly, low-energy Bluetooth to broadcast in-app messages or push notifications to smartphones and tablets. They are more accurate than GPS and hence perfectly suited for indoor location tracking.

    Comparing RFID, NFC and Beacons (pdf)

    A quick glance at the popular technologies used at events and conferences to automate check-ins, engage with attendees and track attendance. And, find out why most planners and organizers prefer Beacons over the other technologies.

    6 Corporate Event Trends

    Today’s events and conferences display a lot of new and innovative features. Learn about the 6 trends revolutionizing this industry including our favorite, Attendee Engagement. At BEEP, we believe this is one of the most important features to arrive on the event technology stage.

    Event Planners Expect Dramatic Increase in Engagement with Mobile Event Apps

    Did you know? 88% of planners expect their attendees to consider mobile event apps as critical to their event experience. Checkout how event organizers are currently using and would like to use mobile app technology.



  • How Much Should I Spend on Event Technology?

    Let’s face it. Technology has influenced every aspect of our offline world. Yes, that includes events, tradeshows and conferences. Event Apps have gone mainstream. Actually, they did almost a year ago. So, you might ask yourself: Well….how much should I spend on event technology? Learn more about what factors drive that decision.

    5 Ways to Justify Your Event Spend

    In a world of tightening budgets and a sharp focus on event ROI, as marketers we must find ways to justify our event spend – whether for planning, logistics, travel or technology. In this article, the industry leader, DoubleDutch, explores the 5 reasons you can justify your spend.

    Getting More From Your Event Spend

    Event marketing is currently a very expensive and sloppy process in most firms because the relevant information is fragmented, difficult to assemble, and the “database” is often a pile of business cards. But it needn’t be that way. Learn the before, during and after of making events memorable and worth your investment.


  • Event Trends: 2016 and Beyond

    This Whitepaper from Freeman explores the various trends in this space from various perspectives including attendees, sponsors, sustainability, formats, learning and more.

    Top 14 Event Management Statistics

    Feast your eyes on the big statistics about trends in the event management industry.

    6 Corporate Event Trends

    Corporate events are changing just as much as special events and turning up the volume on everything from décor to attendee engagement. Today, companies are looking for new and exciting experiences for event attendees. From destination events to innovative décor and increased technology, companies are creating unique experiences that go beyond the everyday.


  • What’s involved in the setup process?

    If you’re a DIY person we’ll configure and ship the Beacons to you a few days before your big event including a complete set of instructions on deploying them. However, if you’d rather not take on the extra stress, we also offer a full-service solution where our Experts configure, setup and deploy the Beacons on-site. We will even on-board your content if you’d like us to. That way you can focus on things that matter the most while we take care of the technology.

    Do Beacons need to be plugged in?

    No. Beacons feature a built-in battery that lasts for 4+ years. We use Beacons from a company called Estimote, a leading innovator and manufacturer of Beacons.

    I am expecting 12,653 Attendees. Can you handle that? And, how many Beacons will I need?

    Yes. And, with room leftover for walk-ins! The number of Beacons that you’ll need is based on the size of your venue, the layout, number of sessions, what you want to measure and a few other factors. Although the number of attendees does play a role in this equation, our experts can help evaluate and determine the right number to use for your event or conference.

    Do I get to keep the data that we collect?

    Yes! We’ll retain your event data at no cost for a period of 2 years from the date of your event. You have the option to pay us a small fee to retain it beyond that. Or, you may download all the raw event data at any time.