If your event technology is getting in the way of generating a better ROI, allow us to demonstrate how BEEP, our mobile app and attendee analytics platform, can help amplify your event ROI.

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  • My Event Technology Challenges

    Project a Digital First Brand
    Care about your company’s brand? How does the industry perceive your company vs the competition? Are you using cutting edge event technology? Whether it’s internal sales conferences, partner events or  industry conferences, digitally enable your events with technology that delivers a better ROI and positions you as an industry leader.

    Reduce Our Environmental Footprint
    There’s a lot of momentum to be at the forefront of the green revolution. To be recognized as a leader in this effort you have to make the right choices. Choices that call for less printing and help reduce waste. This translates to eliminating badges, reams of brochures and other paper-based content. If your company thrives on such recognition, you’ll love the fact that BEEP helps you (and your Exhibitors) almost entirely eliminate paper and save thousands of dollars in associated costs – at every event.

    Get a Better ROI on Event Marketing Spend
    You are responsible for demonstrating fiscal discipline. You care about marketing spend and, even more, about ROI. It’s not just a part of your role, it’s in your DNA. Are you spending more per lead compared to your competitors? Why? More event spend doesn’t translate into more leads or sales. Perhaps you need to look into how you can stretch your existing event marketing budget and spend it more effectively.