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    Are you stressed when it comes to planning and organizing events? Contact us to learn how BEEP, our full-service event technology solution, creates a stress-free environment while helping you capture real-time attendee intelligence, increase audience engagement, automate check-ins and reduce your workload.

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  • My Event Technology Challenges

    Increase Attendance
    Always crossing your fingers for that last minute influx in attendee registrations? Drive more attendees to your events by offering a unique personalized experience based on technology that doesn’t get in the way.

    Automate Check-ins
    Struggle with a huge influx of simultaneous check-ins? Afraid long lines may frustrate your attendees? Looking for ways to speed up the check-in process? Offer attendees a more streamlined experience that includes automated check-ins without using badges.

    Digital Enablement
    Do Exhibitors, Sponsors and Attendees see you hosting cutting edge events? Can you deliver a highly personalized attendee experience without the hassle of scanning QR codes, tapping phones or swiping badges? Adopt a technology that infuses your events with all of the good and none of the bad!

    Capture Real-time Attendee Intelligence
    Still swiping badges to register attendees? Exhibitors scanning QR codes or tapping phones to gather attendee data? You owe it to your Exhibitors, the Company and to yourself, to find a better alternative. Beacons help you monitor, track and capture attendee intelligence without enduring any of the pain or the inefficiencies.

    Reduce Our Environmental Footprint
    There’s a lot of momentum to be at the forefront of the green revolution.¬†To be recognized as a leader in this effort you have to make the right choices. Choices that call for less printing and help reduce waste. This translates to eliminating badges, reams of brochures and other paper-based content. If your company thrives on such recognition, you’ll love the fact that BEEP helps you (and your Exhibitors) almost entirely eliminate paper and save thousands of dollars in associated costs – at every event.

    Attract Top-tier Exhibitors and Sponsors
    Exhibitors and Sponsors are constantly being challenged to spend their marketing dollars wisely. Attract those dollars by differentiating your events by offering real-time event and attendee intelligence. Your Exhibitors and Sponsors will get more value from all the attendee behavioral data that BEEP is able to capture and present in real-time.

    Push Notifications
    How do you actively distribute time-sensitive information to all your attendees without adding more staff? Built-in push notifications allow you to broadcast important messages like a welcome message, information about sponsored WiFi, perhaps a delayed session, start of an Exhibitor-demo or happy hour announcements – just like they were meant to – happily!

    Eliminate Paper-based Surveys
    Paper-based surveys require you to print, distribute, collect and analyze the results to deliver the results. That translates to hundreds of hours in planning and thousands of dollars in costs. Our in-app surveys not only let you go green, save you time, money and precious resources, they also provide results in real-time so you can focus less on planning and more on enjoying the event.