• Mariah Hunt, President, NEDMA


    As President of NEDMA, my job is to create value for our Sponsors, Exhibitors and Attendees. Once I learnt how BEEP enables real-time engagement I knew we had a winner! We were able to track attendee interactions and booth visits and we completely replaced our paper-based surveys. That saves us big on printing costs and saves us time!


  • Michelle Tomsik, Head of Global Events, Swrve


    Being able to measure and analyze attendee interactions for insights into your event marketing strategy is invaluable! We used BEEP at Swrve’s Mobile Moments event. Despite the insanely tight turnaround time, the team delighted us with their solution that included content on-boarding and on-site support.


  • Michele J Martin, Event Marketing Strategist, Overdrive Interactive


    Our agency, Overdrive Interactive, used BEEP at our booth. I was excited to see visitors automatically receive our case study based on their proximity inside our booth! Plus, I was impressed by its clean and beautiful UI. BEEP provides real-time attendee intelligence and serves as a very powerful attendee engagement platform for companies exhibiting or planning to exhibit at events.


  • Bruce McMeekin, Founder & CEO, BKM Marketing


    BEEP changes event marketing. Our team automatically delivered content and offers to attendees allowing for much easier engagement and conversation. We even presented content right to the attendees’ smartphones — they were pleased not to have to carry a bag full of toss-away collateral.


  • Bruce's Video Testimonial

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